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Easter Decorations

All you need to do is have a forage through your garden shed, get some empty jam jars out of the larder and you’re ready to go.

O.K. if you haven’t got a garden shed pop down to your local garden center for the string and netting and if you haven’t got any jam jars rolling around, try some tea lights. Here is what you’ll need..

egg shells
jam jars/ tea lights
snowdrops & feathers
(both from Urs at Toscanini)

…and here’s what to do…

The Egg Shells

The Jam Jars

The Netting & String

We’re ready for Easter!


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    • Thank you. How to create the collages: after I have uploaded and chosen my images, I can create the collages are under a menu called “add gallery”.


  2. These are so sweet! They literally left me squealing at my computer for a good five minutes. I wish I were as creative. Happy Easter to you, too!

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  4. I love the natural look of your burlap/netting covered pots. I wish I had a green thumb but if not for the tulips, narcissus, Naked Ladies etc that my dad planted in the front of my house 20 yrs ago, there wouldn’t be any flowers at all.

    PS: I think there was a typo in your first sentence … you ‘forage’ through a shed looking for stuff. 🙂

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