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Juicy Apple Chocolate Cake

An apple a day keeps the doctor away…and there are two in this recipe so it must be very healthy!

© Mrs. Twinkle

The Ingredients
2 apples
250g sugar
250g butter
3 eggs
80g chocolate powder
80ml water
1 sachet baking powder
200g spelt flour
1tsp nutmeg
2tsp cinnamon

Preheat the oven at 160°C. Grate the apples and mix in to the flour and baking powder. Add the rest of the ingredients and stir well. Pour into the baking form and bake for one hour (well a t least that’s what it said in the recipe, I had it in for one and a quarter hours). Leave to cool down.

Get yourself comfy and indulge!


  1. I love apples and chocolate and cakes but for some inexplainable reason I never once thought about baking an apple-chocolate ANYTHING! What’s wrong with meeeeee?
    Thanks for this, forever!!

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  2. Hmmm this recipe looks really good! I’ll try it out and share it on my blog, tagging you!
    By the way, thanks for supporting Linha e Farinha! If you want the translated recipe, just let me know! 😉

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  3. My first thought was, “Horrah! I don’t have to read (or scroll past) 600 words of back story before I get to the recipe!! When I am looking for recipes, I wish I could just get right to the good stuff. What’s in it, what does it look like, how do I make it?

    My second thought was how I like the picture collages. The pictures are gorgeous, and I can see the story in pictures, but it speeds things up the way you’ve presented them.

    I must be getting bogged down with blogs!

    Just today, I have seen two blogs presenting pictures in this way, and I am going to start doing it, myself.

    Oh – the recipe looks delicious, too (and, isn’t all chocolate good for us??).

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  4. Marisa says

    Goodness, Tammy–This looks wonderful! Chocolate and apples are a combination many don’t think of. I can’t wait till fall so I can give it a try with some local apples. And thanks for stopping by eve’s apple! ~Marisa (

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