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Little Miss Ladybird

Carnival “Fasnacht” starts here in Switzerland tomorrow. Our youngest has been debating on what she wants to go as. It’s been a heat between being a dinosaur, a hedgehog or a lion. Today she decided that she was going as a ladybird. So I whipped out my sewing machine and got going before she could change her mind again.

Little Miss Ladybird is ready to party!


  1. Very cute! We call this holiday Mardi Gras (“Fat Tuesday”) but it’s more of an adult celebration. Do you have special foods that you prepare for the holiday?

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  2. Oh my Stars!
    That is adorable! Your little darling is very much like me: indecisive up till the very last minute. What can we say? There are too many options!
    P.S. – Ladybird, or Ladybug has always been my nickname. My dear mother gave it to me as a baby, and calls me by it to this very day.

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  3. Absolutely adorable!
    Can you email some Fasnachtschüechli? They sound delicious!
    What is Fasnacht? Would it be “First Night”?

    Love everything about your blog!


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