Apple Plum Jum

The fruit stalls are full of apples and plums at the moment. All kinds of different types of apples and damson plums or as they call them here “zwetschge”. I’m sure that this is won’t be my only recipe with these ingredients.

500g apples
500g plums
500g sugar
2.5dl water
2 cinnamon sticks

the main ingredients© Mrs. Twinkle

remove the stones and chop up the plums© Mrs. Twinkle

remove the cores and slice the apples© Mrs. Twinkle

add the sugar@ Mrs. Twinkle

add the water and cook until it has the acquired texture@ Mrs. Twinkle

pour into glas and leave to cool off @ Mrs. Twinkle

decorated with some ribbon and a card it makes the perfect guest gift © Mrs. Twinkle