Inspired By A Butterfly

I was sitting outside with my morning coffee thinking about my next post. When a butterfly caught my eye and landed on the lavender. I got up carefully, went indoors, ran upstairs, got the camera and was back down again just in time to take this snap.

After a little thought and research I decided my new task was going to be lavender soap. The result wasn’t quite as good as I hoped. A bit lumpy and bumpy, but handmade and for a first go who’s complaining?

© Mrs. Twinkle


5-8 tbsp of dried lavender
120 ml water
200g soap flakes
2 tbsp olive oil
(optional, lavender essence)

How to make it

1. Put the lavender in the steaming water and leave to infuse with lid on for about 30 minutes.
2. Then pour the liquid through a sieve add the soap flakes (if you can’t get hold of any then use a bar of unscented soap and grate it), the oil and some lavender blossoms (for decoration) if desired you can also add some lavender essence.
3. knead the mixture and form into the shape you like (a ball or a bar for instance). Leave to dry for at least a day and up to 2 weeks. (I’ve packed it in baking paper as mine is a bit sticky)

© Mrs. Twinkle

It makes a perfekt present or you can put it in your clothes draw keep your washing smelling fresh.

© Mrs. Twinkle