Rhubarb Jam With An Orange Twist

With the rest of my rhubarb (left over from the cake) I made some Rhubarb Jam with an orange twist.

1kg rhubarb
1 orange
1kg preserving sugar

Wash and clean the rhubarb and chop in to small chunks. Wash and dry the orange, grate, add the zest and the juice. Put it all together in a pan with the preserving sugar and leave to brew for 30 minutes then turn the heat up and boil for 4 minutes. If you like you can add a packet of vanilla sugar and a couple of cinnamon sticks before boiling. Remove the cinnamon sticks and purée (well I have to because the kids don’t like lumps). Fill  the jam right up to the top of the glas and seal.

© Mrs. Twinkle

© Mrs. Twinkle